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We're Team Yogesta. We're the platform that provides you with all the info and resources you need to search and buy your next car. From vehicles that are almost available to those introduced recently, you'll find them all here.

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We’ll present the latest new car reviews, covering everything from supercars to superminis. Our motoring experts write verdicts, cover real-world practicality, recommended specifications and reveal the real cost of ownership.

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Get the latest news, professional reviews, in-depth user reviews and a wealth of content. You can search media related to specific models, check out what’s happening in the world of cars, or get some great info and advice to help you find your perfect car.

How To Buy A New Car?

  1. Select the car, according to your buying objective
  2. Start exploring 
  3. Figure out the total cost of the car on-road
  4. Check with a dealer and request a test drive
  5. See what discounts and offers are available with festivals and special sales
  6. Find out which insurance provider is right for you

How To Buy a Used Car?

  1. Analyse your need
  2. Check reliability 
  3. Check Powertrain, Exterior & Interior of car 
  4. Test-drive the car 
  5. Check documents 
  6. Transfer the certificate of Registration (RC) of the preowned vehicle to your name

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We enjoy electric vehicles and want to bring more awareness to the world about the EV’s, because electric vehicles are the future. We showcase cutting edge technology including EV, solar, electric cars, electric scooters & bikes and sustainable energy – you will find everything you need to know related to electric vehicles, its news and interesting facts.

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Top Most Picks

Top Most Things on cars in the World! Discover the ultimate knowledge! Learn what our experts like and don’t like about the latest vehicles on the market.


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Whatever vehicle you’re researching, we make it easy for you by comparing models to find all the specs and ratings, read reviews and performance details, and get car buying advice all in one place.


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Timeline & Facts

Cars became widely available in the early 20th century. Yogesta gonna dig every Car manufacturing history & facts and brings you as much as car universe as possible.




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Flattering, thank you. I read and watch quite a bit on cars. Websites, YouTube channels, automotive books. Another great thing to do, especially if you’re just getting interested in cars, is to go to a local junkyard, pay a couple bucks to get in, and then start disassembling everything. Start from the top, and just take apart an engine. It will make understanding them very clear, and easy to remember once you have a good visualization of the involved components.


Quite possibly my most popular question. For those looking for a basic introduction, How Cars Work is a good, cheap book for learning the fundamentals. If you’re like me, however, it won’t quite satisfy your appetite for knowledge, so I recommend going with more detailed and technical books, including Automotive Technology – A Systems Approach (Great, technical, in-depth with excellent diagrams) and Modern Automotive Technology.

For those looking to go beyond the general knowledge books, and looking for something a bit more mathematical, I have two books on my bookshelf that I’d recommend. The first, Automotive Engineering Fundamentals, gives a good general overlook of automotive engineering, and also includes good information on vehicle dynamics. The second, a personal favorite, is Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine. This book gives great arithmetic insight on engines, and also includes fantastic history tidbits throughout. It’s a must have if you’re fascinated by internal combustion.


We like everyone to get involved, so we’ve created space for users to write their own reviews and to comment on each other’s reviews. On the “Comment” section of any model you can write a Review”. So, we open up the review form later.

First of all, we’ll ask you for a few basic details about when you bought your car and how much it cost. Then you can tell us some of the pros and cons of this model from your personal experience. The more info you can provide, the more your review will help other users to weigh up their options. We’ll also ask you to rate specific aspects of the car, such as space, power, etc.. This gives other users a really clear picture of how well this car performs from your point of view. To give your review the perfect finishing touch, upload some photos of relevant sections of the car to accompany your ratings. You can save a draft of your review to complete later. Once you’ve finished your review, you’ll send it for approval. You can check the approval status at any time in My Reviews.