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Yaswanth Mallepudi - Founder of YOGESTA

about me

My name is Yashwanth Mallepudi. I’m the founder of Yogesta Automotives Digital. My passion for cars and bikes dates back to when I’m 7-years old, the age at which I started watching my father driving, the old Ambassador car. It was our first car that hooked me on the subject.

Magazines, online news, TV shows, everything that had to do with cars I suddenly followed. This passion introduced me to the engineering world. My college curriculum was never enough to satisfy my curiosity about automotive technology. I haven’t learned in college about cars, I did in my own time.

It’s not too uncommon for someone to ask me how I learned so much about cars (though to be honest, I still feel I have much to learn). The answer boils down to a few things. Primarily, I read/watch quite a bit on cars. Websites, YouTube channels, automotive books.

Another great thing to do, especially if you’re just getting interested in cars, is to go to a local junkyard, pay a couple of bucks to get in, and then start disassembling everything. Start from the top, and just take apart an engine. It will make understanding them very clear, and easy to remember once you have a good visualization of the involved components.

we make a great team

Team Yogesta

A bunch of changemakers in their early twenties who decided to change the way brands happen. A year later, we are the innovative brains behind the leading brands like Mercedes-AMG, BMW, Volkswagen Group and many.

Yogesta dedicated to gathering the most unbiased and reliable information about the Indian automotive market. Our goal is to create a corner where car and bike enthusiasts can obtain all kinds of automobile apprises in the simplest and quickest manner. Apart from updates this we also bring you the newest car and bike reviews, buying recommendations, similarities, scoops, FAQs, etc.’


History of Automobiles - Yogesta


Read The Life of the Automobile: The Complete History of the Motor Car. YOGESTA is your source for new & old car reviews. Check out our Timeline & Facts section and they gonna teach you where it all started.

Exterior - Yogesta


YOGESTA’s exterior reviews aim to provide a comprehensive look at new vehicles, from the earliest drawings in Concept reviews to our First Look and our First Drive reviews. Later on, we report on in-depth testing results in our First Test reviews.

Interior - Yogesta


Whether you're considering a car or truck interior functionality and comfort are hugely important. Yogesta's interior reviews recognize how crucial a good interior is to long-term satisfaction with your car.

Performance - Yogesta


YOGESTA'S Car Performance section you'll find car performance articles on the latest cars, reviews of performance cars. The Reviews gonna teach you Performance. There comes the Heart of the vehicle to describe

Driving Dynamics - Yogesta

Driving dynamics

To shed some meaningful light on the topic of dynamic handling, we drift and do burnouts too. Because the test driver can view/review each quarter-mile pass. The best way to explore every nuance of a sporting car's dynamic behaviour is testing its driving dynamics.

Safety & Security - Yogesta

Safety & Security

The Reviews gonna teach Safety & Security. Apart from punch on offer and better drivability Safety is always considered first. What do the safety ratings mean? And how do they test for vehicle safety? We answer your questions.


The most beautiful days are my Childhood. Throughout my life, I also spent a lot of my time taking things apart and putting them back together. Plenty of the electronic toys I had would be put to test of being ripped apart and then reassembled. Legos were of course a big part of my childhood (and many engineers I currently know). Something about understanding how everything works are just something I’ve always been interested in. And many times I would take the knowledge I recently acquired, and then teach it to my friends. Since then the art of love towards cars has increased with me. In my free time, I draw designs of my own cars, which are the real basis for my dream company YOGESTA

We’ve explored issues of new generation evolving technology in Automobiles, Reviews, Test driving new cars and Blogging ever since. Once I used to stare at the cars which I’m driving today. I’ve never thought, apart from driving now I’m in a position to make information about cars whether it be news, Reviews, Analysis or fun engaging entertainment in both text and video format. I’ve learned much from the experience of driving and making reviews out of it.


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