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Car manufacturers are contributing where they can to help battle the disease

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about huge changes around the world. Helping to battle the disease, car manufacturers are contributing where they can. We’re all doing our bit to help fight the global pandemic that is COVI- 19. Be it staying at home, being a frontline worker or helping the more vulnerable. Where car manufacturers are doing their bit too with manufacturing facilities developing life-saving equipment for the masses. This is an article on Cars and COVID-19 – fight for survival!

Mercedes-Benz India has provided 6300 PPE kits for the protection of the frontline workers – For more..

SEAT are manufacturing ventilators in Spain

In more normal times SEAT (Spanish automobile manufacturer ), it would be hard at work producing its newly launched lay on the hatchback. But these are far from normal times. To help its home nation of Spain is transformed one of its sub-assembly production lines to create much-needed ventilators. The device even makes use of an adapted windscreen wiper motor.

Lamborghini and Volkswagen are creating PPE protective clothing.

Lamborghini is well versed in producing super high-quality products. But in this case, we aren’t talking about record-breaking supercars or its Huracán GT3 racer. The Raging Bull is putting its craftspeople to work producing face masks and protective shields. The same people who are responsible for finally stitching Aventador upholstery are using their skills to create up to a thousand masks a day.

Cars and COVID-19 - fight for survival!

Mercedes-AMG F1 created a device that could help save lives.

The Mercedes AMG F1 team alongside the University College London have developed a potentially life-saving piece of equipment called the continuous positive airway pressure device. The breathing aid keeps the lungs open but doesn’t require a patient to be sedated like a ventilator. Mercedes reckons it can produce up to a thousand of these devices a day.

Bill Ford and the Ford Fund will also donate $500,000

The Ford Fund has been helping charitable efforts for years but a recent pledge could make a big difference in the battle against COVID-19. Employees can donate money to charities but the Ford Fund and Ford Motor Company executive chairman Bill Ford will match those donations to the tune of $500,000. That means there are potentially up to 1 million dollars on its way to help those in need. Many other car manufacturers and F1 teams are contributing to a truly global effort through manufacturing advanced technologies, logistics. Also raising awareness.

MG, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, DS are all doing their bit to help support the NHS.

Vauxhall, DS, Citroen and Peugeot all owned by the French parent company PSA have extended their roadside assistance offered to its customers working for the NHS. The aim is to keep key NHS staff on the road. So, if you drive any of the aforementioned makes free breakdown cover will be provided regardless of your car’s age.

MG is also extending its breakdown cover for all of its customers. But even more impressive is their loan of one hundred electric MGs ZS EVs to NHS agencies across the UK for six months. The low running cost of this electric fleet should be a big help.

Staying in Italy for a moment both Ferrari and Fiat are looking into ways in which they can help build ventilators for the nation. Don’t expect a naturally aspirated V12 or turbocharged V8 at people’s bedside. Though that would be quite something. The aim is to support the nation’s biggest manufacturers of breathing apparatus. This is an article on Cars and COVID-19 – fight for survival!

It’s been great to see the automotive industry pull together.

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