FAQs On SUVs & Sedans - Ask The Experts #1

  • I've been looking for a family car under 12 lakhs on the road. Sonet tops the list of my considerations, I've heard a lot about the space in the rear seat being inadequate for three adults. We do a lot of long drives and i don't want one of my family members to be unhappy. What else should i consider?

    Yes, the space in the rear for Sonet as well as the Venue which are essentially the same cars is less. If you can live with that we think these are great cars to buy in the sub 4 meter SUV segment. If you want a little more space at the back we’ve spoken about the duster in the past and see if you can expand your budget and get the duster then it’s great for three people at the back. Otherwise you’ve got the option of the Nexon again lots of space in the back. So that’s something that you could consider.

  • When are they launching the BMW 2 series gran coupe and the Audi Q2?

    Audi is already started teasing the Q2 and we should see it as early as next month and BMW is also very close to introducing the 2 series gran coupe. Coupe roofline, four doors practical maybe a couple of months and you should be able to see that on our roads as well.

  • I'm looking for a used automatic car, sub 2 lakh bracket. Looking for a hatch preferably but open to bigger options. Will be subjected to 50 kilometer commutes mostly on highways. The Honda City type 3 has caught my eye. What are the things I should be wary about when looking one? Also any other suggested alternatives I should be looking at in the used car market?

    Given the budget and your liking also for hatchbacks apart from the Honda City type 3, we think the Hyundai i10 automatic would be a better option to go for. It is a newer car even in the used car market compared to the type 3 HondaCity. So that will serve you well so that’s what we would recommend that you go for.

  • I have a budget of 8 lakh approximately, i have listed the Hyundai Venue S 1.2 model. So my question is that is it a good choice under this budget.

    The venue at our side, we’ve always liked that car. We think, it’s really well engineered and it’s taken the Hyundai’s game a step up in terms of dynamics, quality etc. So it’s a no-brainer, if you like the venue you should go for it.

  • I should go for the new Honda city or should i settle for the Verna. I’m looking for overall drive quality.

    We don’t really know what you mean by overall drive quality but let us just split it this way. If you want a car that’s spacious, comfortable and is involving to drive, the Honda City is a good option. The Verna on the other hand is short on space but it has way more feel good features. Again it’s also good to drive but between the two we think the Verna is a better car to drive, more involving in that sense apart from the steering. It’s got better dynamics, it’s your choice. We’ve presented both cases to you, So for comfort, space go for Honda city and feel good features, a little more performance prefer the Verna.

  • I’m looking to buy a car with a budget of rupees 30 lakhs and has settled on the Skoda Superb L&K

    It’s a good choice, like the venue we like the superb too. It’s a great combo of driving dynamics, quality, features and of course usable space practicality. So if you like the Superb go ahead and get it.

  • I’m a firm believer in pre-owned cars and with this 10-year rule around diesel SUVs being banned does it make the depreciation for these SUVs be more severe and would people hold on to their cars for longer.

    We’ll take the last bit first about people holding on to their cars longer, We don’t think that’s going to happen because when you’re buying a new car whether it’s a four year cycle or a five year cycle you’re going to stick with that. Because the 10 year old doesn’t affect you in that sense. So that’s not going to change but of course if you hold on to the car longer,you will lose more money. There’s very little left at the end because you’re playing with a 10-year cycle. So will there be a severe depreciation or a more serious depreciation on cars for diesel SUVs even if you buy new and you want to sell no!we don’t think that’s going to happen. If you sell it in whatever the time period, people choose to sell it now which is about four to five years.

  • Could I get a used Kodiaq L&K for 12 or 13 lakhs any time soon?

    We don’t think that’s going to happen. That’s very visual thinking, the kodiaq is a popular car. It’s not on sale anymore and the diesel is not coming back and it didn’t sell in fantastic numbers. We don’t think you’re going to find something for 12 or 13 lakhs.

  • I want to upgrade from 2012 Wagon R and my budget is around 10 lakh rupees.

    Let’s say if you stick with a hatchback, we would say your options. You can look at the Baleno, i10 and you could also look at the Jazz no, these are great cars. If you love the practicality that you enjoyed with the Wagon R then the Jazz is a great upgrade because same lines, similar space and packaging. It is one of the most practical hatchbacks that you can buy.

  • Among Vento Comfortline, City (P) SV 4th gen and Verna S (P) what would be the best pick of choice under sedan category?

    We’d say in the sedan category the Verna is great value for money and it’s also good to drive now. The only drawback of sorts is the steering, it’s quick, it’s just not as communicative. But otherwise that’s the car that you could go for.

  • Among Creta EX(P), Seltos THE (P), XUV 300 W8(P) what would be the best SUV?

    Among SUVs, the XUV300 is a very involving SUV to drive. We personally like that car a lot especially in petrol. Off the lot however the Seltos makes a good purchase option again that’s the sportier SUV in that class to drive. So these these are the three options that we would recommend.

  • I’m confused between City vs Seltos vs Creta with petrol CVT, which would be the best car for driving, rear seat comfort, safety and value for money?

    In the three, if you look at rear seat comfort, safety they’re all at par you can’t really pick and choose. The city also has fantastic rear seats. The only advantage that the Creta and the Seltos would have over the city is that these are easier to get in and out. Thanks to their high seating position but apart from that if you like the city or if you like the sedan format then City is also very easy to drive, very easy to park. It is probably more convenient in the city compared to the SUVs. If rear seat comfort including ingress and egress is what you’re considering then you can look at the Creta and the Seltos. But between those two the Creta is more comfortable, the Seltos is sportier in the way it rides. So that’s a choice you’ll have to make.

  • I’m planning to buy Verna SX (P) and confused between new City, Which would be better overall?

    Between the verna and the City take safety in particular they’re at par. If you take value for money, the verna gives you a lot more feel good features, the city gives you more space. In terms of driver involvement because of the drive trains, the verna might be a better option between the two. So, if you aren’t really crazy about rear seat comfort in space then we’d say go for the Verna.

  • Does the Mahindra Thar automatic rev till the red line or it just upshifts?

    We haven’t driven the petrol automatic but we drove the diesel automatic essentially in the city. You can rev it close to the red line, you can choose to drive in manual mode and then hold the revs to where you want it to. Does it hit the red line,does it stay at the red line? no it doesn’t, it does upshifts. For the petrol also it should be similar, you won’t have it banging off the rev limiter that you can do in manuals.