Nissan Magnite Long Term Review - Very Practical SUV

How Practical Is Nissan Magnite For Long Term Use – Review/Report

  • Car TestedNissan Magnite 1.0litre turbo
  • TransmissionCVT and Manual
  • Mileage – 14 – 16 kmpl

Here is the long term review of Nissan Magnite. The Magnite is Nissan’s make-or-break product for India and is probably their most important launch in the country since the Micra that established the Japanese brand in the minds of the masses. It is a sub-4m crossover that is priced lower than most superminis, but that price to size ratio isn’t the only facet that the Magnite is banking on. We almost spent high time for long term review of Nissan Magnite.

It has a peppy 1.0 turbo-petrol engine and a sizeable list of features that are unheard of in this price bracket. Nissan Magnite comes with two versions or two engine options. There’s the 1.0L naturally aspirated petrol and a 1.0Lturbo. We’ve only driven the turbo, the CVT and the manual. 

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Nissan Magnite exterior - Yogesta



The car as far the engine goes there is a hint of turbo lag but once you’re past 1800 rpm you can see the engine come on song. It’s the low and the mid is very strong on that engine. It revs to about 6500 rpm. Till 3000 rpm, it’s quiet you can barely hear anything in the car. Then of course you can start hearing the engine. Once you rev the engine past 5000 rpm then you can tell it’s like a small angry thing that’s just screaming away. But the thing is for all practical purposes up to 3000 rpm you can make all your up shifts at 3000. It keeps you in that accessible power band and makes it a really nice car to drive. That’s where the drive train is.

Nissan Magnite 1.0L Turbo Petrol - Yogesta


Between these two for city purposes the CVT is absolutely brilliant, it’s seamless, it’s quiet. There is rubber band effect or the stretchy effect but it’s not as pronounced. If you work the throttle well you would probably never feel that on that car. So a CVT is a great option. The manual shift quality requires a little bit of effort, it’s short throw but it requires a little bit of effort. The clutch is also slightly heavy we think it could have been lighter, it’s not really heavy but it could have been lighter. The manual also works well with the turbo engine and if you like driving maybe that’s the one you should go for.

Design & Styling

In terms of other positive points would be the styling, it looks great. It looks a little smaller than you think in the picture. It’s still a good looking car, it has good road presence. When you step inside the space especially the knee room and head room is excellent. When you look at it from the outside you might think that it’s shot on space but it’s not. The seating itself is slightly high at the front and at the back. You get adequate under thigh support we wouldn’t say it’s great but it’s not bad. It’s a comfortable car to be in. The backrest angle lets you stay comfortable. There is enough visibility through the windows. So, it doesn’t feel hemmed in. The space wise for four people they’ve got that right.

Nissan Magnite Front Grille - Yogesta

Even the design inside is good. Of course, it doesn’t have the same quality, look and feel as the Sonet. In some places the plastic can look a little cheap but in terms of functionality, in terms of the way it’s designed, the way it looks it looks young and sporty. You can tell that it’s not built or it’s not made to be a very expensive car and it won’t be. 

Feature Highlights

In terms of features for the top spec version that we drove, you’ve got almost everything barring a sunroof everything else is there. You get wireless charging, nice Japanese sort of feeling instrument cluster you really like it. It just makes it seem all alive. What else you’ve got enough storage pockets to put your stuff like cup holders, bottle holders etc.

Driving Dynamics

When it comes to driving the ride quality is well judged. At slower speeds, it rides well. It doesn’t have any of that low speed bobbing that you get when you’ve got stiffer cars. So, it rides pretty flat in that sense. Even the small undulations, it handles really well. It doesn’t go into a complete rock and roll mode, if you go over bad roads. So, it remains comfortable in that sense. The only thing that happens is, if it catches like a really deep pothole then it tends to crash into that. But that’s not going to be very often especially in the City maybe on the highway if you catch a bad pothole then it’s possible. Overall the ride on the car is pretty good.

Nissan Magnite Driving Dynamics - Yogesta

Things could have been better!

What we would have liked better though is the steering. The steering is way off centre. It’s also lots of turns, lock to lock which means it’s a slow steering. There’s a lot more steering input you need to put for it to respond. The steering itself is not very light compared to competition. There’s some amount of effort there. So, that could have been lighter. The steering does not feel so much but the steering response could have been a little better. Steering feel is not something that we get in any of the cars in this class so, that’s nothing.

Nissan Magnite Steering - Yogesta

Should you buy the Magnite?

Yes, there are no really red flags that would say that you should not buy it. For the price it’s great value, if it comes at this price. If it’s more expensive then of course our opinion changes completely. For this price it’s a car that you should certainly go for.

Nissan Magnite Long Term Review - Very Practical SUV


Overall it’s a job well done for Nissan. It’s a car that they had to get right for them to make a comeback into the Indian market, they’ve done that. The pricing for top spec is 9.59 lakh or thereabouts which makes it almost two lakhs cheaper than the newer SUVs like the Sonet. This is still sits on the same wheelbase or similar wheelbase as the Sonet and the Venue. So, it’s essentially a similar sized car but you’re saving so much money there. You get all the specs and features are there, you’ve also got a turbo engine. So, it’s a very well sorted thing. They just have to get the reach right and Nissan says that they’re going to open quite a few service outlets and showrooms with the launch of this car. So we think that reach is also not going to be a problem.

Nissan Magnite Long Term Review - Very Practical SUV

2020 Nissan Magnite – Specifications

  • Emission Norm Compliance – BS VI
  • Engine Type – HRA0 1.0 TURBO PETROL
  • Displacement (cc) – 999
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Max Power [email protected]
  • Max Torque [email protected]
  • No. of cylinders – 3
  • Mileage (ARAI) – 17.7kmpl
  • Turbo Charger – Yes
  • Transmission Type – Manual/Automatic
  • Gear Box – CVT
  • Top Speed (Kmph) – 168
  • Front Suspension – Mac Pherson strut with Lower Transverse link
  • Rear Suspension – Twin tube telescopic shock absorber
  • Steering Type – Electronic
  • Brake Type – Front (Disc) / Rear (Drum)
  • No of Airbags – 2
  • Advance Safety Features – Vehicle Dynamic Control, Anti Roll Bar, Automatic Warning Hazard on Heavy Braking, Rear Camera with Projection guide, Around View Monitor

2020 Nissan Magnite – Dimensions

  • Length (mm) X Width (mm) X Height (mm) – 3994mm X 1758mm X 1572mm
  • Boot Space (Litres) – 336
  • Ground Clearance Unladen (mm) – 205
  • Wheel Base (mm) – 2500
  • Kerb Weight (Kg) – 1039

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