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Tata Motors is one such manufacturer, recently introduced the dark editions of the Nexon, Nexon EV, Altroz, and updated Harrier. Now, the company has yet another special edition, or rather a GoldEdition. Earlier this year when Tata Motors launched the Safari, we all thought that a dark edition variant would be coming soon to the showroom floors. But here’s a twist in the plot. Tata Motors has now introduced us to the gold edition of the Safari from seven months after its launch. Here is the first look review of Tata Safari Gold Edition.

But before you ask us why Gold and why not Dark, we think gold is a more expensive commodity. Also the theme suits really well with the flagship car. Moreover, the festive season is right around the corner. Also Gold is what people buy and it is the festive season. So, the Safari’s gold edition comes with a slew of changes.

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Design & Styling updates

Let’s kick things off with the changes on the exterior first. So to begin with there are two color options on offer on the Tata Safari’s gold edition white and black. The major difference between the two is that the white one comes with the dual-tone paint scheme whereas the black one is completely finished in black. The white paint schemes also get you these silver scuff plates.

Other changes are common across both the color options but the changes are subtle yet noticeable. Beginning with the first one on the grill where you saw chrome on the regular variants of the Safari the tri-motif pattern is now finished in Gold. So is the case with this garnish around the headlamp assembly. Since the gold edition is based on the XZ plus trims you also get 18-inch alloy wheels. Which are finished in charcoal black theme on the Safari’s gold edition

Over to the side, other changes include a gold badge on the fenders. The door handles they too get the gold treatment. The roof rails do get the gold treatment and so is the case with the rare face. Where the Safari insignia is finished in that gold avatar. Moreover, the Tata logo is also finished in gold but that’s what the changes are on the outside, simple and clever.


Cabin design cues

Inside the Tata Safari’s gold edition especially in the white-colored variant, we are happy to report that this one gets a mont blanc marble finish on the center part of the dashboard. Whereas on the black-colored variant you get a darker marble finish over here. Rest apart everything is same on both the cars but when you compare it to the regular variant the changes are evident.

We’ll start with the cosmetic ones. So the chrome that you saw on the regular variant, is now replaced with gold treatment. We think that looks more premium. Moreover, the seats are finished in oyster white upholstery with this quilted pattern and they are ventilated. In fact, if you opt for a six-seater variant both the rows, the front row, and the second row the seats get ventilation functionality. Also, you get gold embossed on the headrest.

Feature Highlights

Apart from that, the feature list is beefed up. Now you get wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with a wireless phone charger. To make sure that you are safe in an environment that is certainly polluted as of now, the Safari comes with an intelligent air purifier. This cannot be seen anywhere here but you get the air quality index right here on the infotainment screen. We think all of these changes make it a more premium offering and paying that extra amount would be worth every penny.

But does the Safari make sense?

The powertrain remains the same but you can opt for a manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox. For the manual one, you’ll have to pay 21.89 lakh rupees ex-showroom and for the automatic trim, you’ll have to pay 23.17 lakh ex-showroom. With these price tags, we think the Safari gold edition makes complete sense because of all the added bling that it comes with and a beefed-up feature list. Finally, this is the first look review of Tata Safari Gold Edition.


VariantEx-showroom Price
Manual variant starts fromRs 21.89 lakh
Automatic variant starts fromRs 23.17 lakh

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