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2020 can be considered the best year for electric cars in India. With the huge number of sales, Tata Nexon EV became the winner of 2020. On the other hand cars like MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona increase the rivalry heat for electric cars in India. Global warming still exists and climate change is as real as the news of the biggest iceberg that recently broke off in Antarctica. Now whether you like it or not in the near future our cars, yours and mine will be electrified. From where we’re standing that road is long tiring and filled with a lot of obstacles. But we will get there because being more green and eco-friendly is the need of art. Here are the topmost 5 Electric cars in India. Which have one eye on the present and one on the future.

Automakers around the world have grasped this concept and have come out with new innovative EV solutions for the market. In India government is pushing for electric vehicles more than ever. But consumers are still on the fence about a few crucial aspects which make the market a little bit interesting. So, we are here today to bring you up to speed about electric vehicles in India.

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1. Tata Nexon EV

So, to start off the list with a homegrown manufacturer, the Tata Nexon EV. There are a lot of reasons why you can choose the Tata Nexon EV in a breath. For example in a cost-conscious market like India, the Nexon is the cheapest electric SUV out there. Which is about six to seven lakhs more affordable than its next closest rival the MG ZS EV. But that’s not it.

Topmost 5 Electric Cars In India - best bets!

The Tata Nexon EV gets a 30.0 kWh battery that promises a range of a little over 300 kilometres on a single charge. The car comes with two driving modes that are Drive and Sport, the latter of which gives you complete power. Speaking of which the car gets a permanent magnet synchronous motor at the front that delivers 129 PS of power, and 245 Newton meters of torque.

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The Nexon EV can be charged with 15 ampere socket in about 8.5 hours. With a fast charger this battery can be replenished to 80% in just 60 minutes.


The ZS EV was MG’s second product in India. It was launched in right about the time when MG was still making its name as a new entrant in our market which meant it had to work a little bit extra to make its products stand out. We were happy to report that the car did not disappoint us. It looks closely similar to its petrol power twin that is sold in the foreign markets and comes with a healthy power train as well.

The one motor on the ZS EV takes its juice from a 44.5 kWh liquid cold lithium-ion battery. MG promises a maximum range of 340 kilometres which is a little bit higher than the Nexon EV. The motor puts out 143 bhp and 353 Newton meters of torque which gets it from a standstill to 100 kilometres per hour in just 8.5 seconds.

Topmost 5 Electric Cars In India - best bets!

The ZS EV also comes with 3 driving modes that is ECO, Normal and Sport. That alters the throttle response and the power available to you. In terms of charging mg has installed 50 kilowatts DC fast chargers at its dealership with this the car can be charged up to 80% in 15 minutes.

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Additionally, the company will also fit a 7.4-kilowatt AC home charger that will take around 6 to 8 hours to be fully charged.

3. Hyundai Kona Electric

Among the cars that we will speak of today the Kona electric came to India first. Now Hyundai electrifying one of its most popular badges sold across the world must say something. The SUV comes at a significant premium over the Nexon EV and the ZS EV. But it brings that much more to the table. Let’s see what it is

Topmost 5 Electric Cars In India - best bets!

Starting with the battery the Kona electric gets a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery which according to Hyundai offers an ARAI claimed range of 452 kilometres. This clearly surpasses the range we have seen up until now. You get four driving modes including ECO Plus, Eco, Comfort and Sport. Kona is one of the topmost 5 Electric cars in India.

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4. Mercedes-Benz EQC

Now we climb a few rungs up the ladder and come to the luxury segment of electric vehicles. All eyes on the Mercedes-Benz EQC. Unlike the three products that we discussed before, the EQC is not meant at mowing mass audience and bringing EV as an affordable product. The EQC is instead aimed at being the pinnacle of everything that an EV has to offer to the consumers that buy it. Hence the price tag of 1.04 crore.

Topmost 5 Electric Cars In India - best bets!

The EQC gets a big 80 kWh battery pack and a single-speed gearbox that sends power to all the wheels through Mercedes’s 4 Matic all-wheel-drive system. Mercedes claims an NEDC range of 450 kilometres. The motors in the EQC is capable of delivering 400 bhp and a whopping 760 Newton meters of torque. It comes with four driving modes namely Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual. Also four levels of regeneration with the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, you can toggle between these five settings that are D AUTO, D, D PLUS, D MINUS and D –.

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5. Jaguar i-Pace

We know looks are subjective but we would say that the Jaguar i-Pace is the prettiest one on the list. It falls in the same ballpark as the Mercedes-Benz EQC coming in at rupees 1.06 crore ex-showroom. Here’s what it has to offer. Now Jaguar claims a range of 470 kilometres in a single charge from the 90 kWh lithium-ion battery that is placed under the floor. The car gets two synchronous motors at each axle combining the output to 394 bhp and 696-newton meters of torque. Jaguar claims that the battery can be charged up to 100% in 14 hours with a 7.4-kilowatt AC charger. With a 24 kilowatt DC charger, this can be done in just four hours. Also with a 50-kilowatt DC charger, this can be done in just two hours. Finally, these are the topmost 5 Electric cars in India.

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In addition to this Jaguar landrover, customers will also be able to charge their i-Pace using Tata power’s easy charge network with over 200 charging points across the country.

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